harry potter

i just finishes rereading harry potter the the order of the phoenix (my favorite one) because i wanted inspiration. it only took me two days! 850 pages woo. thats pretty fast for me, im a slow reader. hahaa but its a kids book.

here is the result :)


no more block

yaaayyyy! i finally overcame my artists block yesterday :) and now that its summer i can draw alll dayyyy :D

i got an application to micheals, i dont know if i really want to work yet though. i need to make more money for the people to people group so i can hopefully travel to austrailia (or europe) next summer.

i still have a dilemna for what colleges i should apply to. im still iffy about animation, i dont know if im cut out for that. im more of an illustration person. for sure im applying to calarts (for character animation and fine arts) and to laguna beach for illustration. maybe a couple of art colleges in san francisco since there are like 50 there.

i want to go to the rennaisance faire this year. maybe they will have pirate day again so i can buy things for my collection :)

heres a drawing i did last night that kept me up until 3 coloring. i didnt scan the colored version yet though.


school is almost over

school is almost out! three more days. i have finals for the last days of school blehhh
well now that its over and my grades are pretty good, i can draw! alot! :D next week im going to pismo beach, the best place in the world, for a few days. i need to go surfing more. maybe i will buy a cheap board somewhere. and since my mom will be working i can walk around the pier and draw people! woo :)
this summer i am planning on running every day. how fun. i need to get in shape if i want to do waterpolo next year. i am also going to learn how to skateboard (which was postponed last summer because i broke my toe) and i am going to get a job. probably at AMC or michaels.
yesterday i went to the beach with a whole bunch of people. it was so fun. the weather was nice, i got burnt, went booooogie boarding, and played volleyball. but there was a dead seal :(
im going to try and get my animation class to go on a field trip to the next sketch crawl in san francisco. even though its during the summer. sounds like fuuunnnnnnn.

well i guess ill update on my art. i havent been drawing much because im focusing on grades and my computer broke :(