fall is here

i hate school! aghahahghghgharrhghghgoooouuuuu
its so stressful. i barely have time to draw. ugh whateverrrr
There are alot of things i have to do in the next few months.
rennaissance faire is going to be ending soon so i have to go within the next 2 weeks. there are about 3 poster contests that i wanted to try again and get first place, but i also want to make calenddars and sell them. They all need to be done around the same time, so i have to choose. i think ill do calendars cause ill make more money that way ^^; hah and after that last contest and its stupid biased judging i lost my interest in san jose's doors contest. ugh gross
well im sick. its spreading around all my friends cause we're always so packed together at the same table. a table that holds less than 6 people to seat atleast 20. whatever. being sick and having it start to get cold and rainy reminds me of christmas. :)
i bought a buffalo toy. and a kazoo!

a page from my animation assignment. we're painting our own characters along the walls at school. im doing the fighting poses.