wow its been a loooooooong time :0

sketchcrawl was today and i didnt get to go again. i need to find something to do this next year. I have alot of plans but they require a car and stuff. ugh! i need to enter all the contests i can. i think thats only the cesar chavez contest and anti tobacco poster. Ill spend this year making a portfolio and maybe taking some classes at SJSU. i need to sign up for a figure drawing class SOMEWHERE. the only thing like that i get to do is 3 3 minute poses once every other week in animation. :( i guess i could do it on my own but physiology and english have me doing homework all the time. i cant wait until christmas break. OH and my parents said that we're going to hawaii in february! i hope it actually happens this time. we havent been on a vacation since i was 5.

so i finally discovered that ebay has so many pirate stuff. anchors old maps compasses model ships! oh mannn i wish i could buy it all :D
lets seee since i last updated, i joined the powderpuff team. I played starting center for the sophomore junior team. we lost in the last 4 minutes of the game. which means that with only 6 days of practice, we could have beaten the seniors who practiced for a month! i swear they sucked! maybe next year.

I have a goal that next semester i will get straight A's. i dont try hard enough. my grades right now are A, A, A, A, B, C, D. haha! only cause i dont do homework most of the time.
okay ill post a few drawings ive done since my last post :)
the first is a watercolor painting i did for drawing class. it got printed in the newspaper. the second i never finished because when i was about to finish coloring my computer shut off. and i was using the trial for opencanvas so i couldnt save. i got so mad haha.


fall is here

i hate school! aghahahghghgharrhghghgoooouuuuu
its so stressful. i barely have time to draw. ugh whateverrrr
There are alot of things i have to do in the next few months.
rennaissance faire is going to be ending soon so i have to go within the next 2 weeks. there are about 3 poster contests that i wanted to try again and get first place, but i also want to make calenddars and sell them. They all need to be done around the same time, so i have to choose. i think ill do calendars cause ill make more money that way ^^; hah and after that last contest and its stupid biased judging i lost my interest in san jose's doors contest. ugh gross
well im sick. its spreading around all my friends cause we're always so packed together at the same table. a table that holds less than 6 people to seat atleast 20. whatever. being sick and having it start to get cold and rainy reminds me of christmas. :)
i bought a buffalo toy. and a kazoo!

a page from my animation assignment. we're painting our own characters along the walls at school. im doing the fighting poses.



RIP Steve Irwin.

Yesterday i went fishing with my parents on the pier at santa cruz. it was cool, we didnt catch very much. My dad caught an octopus and starfish (on accident) and i left to go drop the starfish into the water while i left my pole, and i guess i caught a big fish and a seal ate it and dragged my pole off the pier into the water. broke the line. hahah good thing it had a cork handle and it was floating. we had to fish it out of the water. the rest of the day we went to the new chilis that opened. i had the best dessert in the world. Molten chocolate volcano ohhh man :) then we watched invincible. prettty gooood.

Today i didnt do much. went to the park with my dog. played DS. steve irwin died and im so sad. i liked his show.
i thought he was invincible
i hope animal planet does a marathon of his shows :(


monterey bay aquarium

it was amelias birthdayyyyy!
i went to great america with my family and cousins. It was pretty fun. i went on top gun and drop zone and some kid spongebob ride. We bought candy and went home to play video games and stuff.
Today i woke up at 10 and went to montery bay aquarium with my brother and jezeill. It was cold over there. We walked around the whole place, touched some sting rays and star fish. Then we went to go eat and this expensive seafood restaurant that looks out over the ocean. I had the best clam chowder in the world in a huge bread bowl. I couldnt even finish it. 11 bucks :) it was soooo good and worth it. So we walked around to the candy stores and saw this art gallery of this guy who paints illustrations for books about two mice a cat and a pirate frog! the paintings were soo nice they almost looked 3D. And there was half of a pirate ship built into the wall of the art gallery. I bought one of his calendars!
The artists website is here http://www.artifactsgallery.com/art.asp?!=A&ID=747

Seeing His paintings of pirate ships and little animal pirates makes me want to draw! i havent drawn in a while. too tired.
And Just now i came back from watching Idlewild. It was a really good movie, they had very unique animations that happened and it went with the music. its hard to explain so just go watch it :)
i should clean my room. tomorrow is my last day of summer. Im going to go watch pirates of the caribbean2 by myself tomorrow cause everyone has seen it already. and get ready for school. ugh

sketches i did a while ago,
practicing anatomy from my head


i hate august

This summer:
i went to the beach once (maybe one more)
i went treasure hunting twice
i went exploring zero times
i hung out w/friends three times
i drew three finished drawings
i went surfing zero times
i went body boarding once
i went to the movies around 10 times
i ate fast food 05872308467 times
i lost a total of 30 pounds on and off ( i gained it all back )
i went swimming zero times (not including the hot pool at csssa)
i went bike riding twice
i went hiking zero times
i slept for 456026509265902675979809897 hours

this summer sucked. With the exception of csssa :(

There are 5 days of summer left. My schedule will most likely be sleeping in till 3pm. eating watching tv sleeping at 5am. go to great america on saturday. go school shopping. i hate august.
I wish i had a car. Thats the only thing stopping me from going to the beach every week, getting a job, hanging out with my friends, visiting csssa friends, going out to eat with people. ugh everyone is so lazy here. if i were them i would want to spend every day doing something before school starts. i guess its cause they all start school in a month. no fair.

drawing of my character Pandora done in crayon :)


one more time

Here is some of my artwork that ive done in the past year. You can see it all on my deviantart.

So today Amelia and Jeff invited me to go to a figure drawing class at UC Berkeley, and a picnic for amelias birthday. I got all excited about it and forgot that next saturday i have to go to the company picnic at great america. so i cant gooo :( i havent told them yet. ahhhhh im sad. Maybe we will be able to do it another day. We really need to go on a road trip to all of our houses once we get cars and stuff. All the way from Long beach to the bay area to Vancouver canada then across to New york. that would be so cool hahah.
I really want to go back to CSSSA with everyone again. Regular school sucks so bad compared to it. And the friends i made there are so cool. i felt like ive known them for years already. And the cool thing about them is that they all draw. So when we hang out we sit there and draw! My friends at school dont care. Im only excited to go back to school to finish my maquette i was working on at the end of the school year in animation. And to try Photo class. Ive never had 7 classes so its gonna suck waking up at 6 every morning when its dark. i haattttteeee waking up when its dark. ugh. atleast im not doing waterpolo. The stupid coach from last year fired my favorite coach and is trying to take over both teams. Im not going to play a crazy sport like that with people i dont like when its not even fun. jeeez!


i made another blog because this one looks better :)