I haven't used this blog in a long time, I've been getting messages from here recently so I'd like to direct any others to my new blog:

I will be getting my own website up soon :)



This is the final project for my drawing class. i used collage acrylic and sharpie on a 20x24 canvas
i had so much fun doing this portrait. im thinking of doing portraits like this of my other characters.
below is a picture sent of my tattoo design that someone used on themselves. thats the third person to get that design tattoed, im going to have to change it if im gonna get it! haha
its a little distorted, pretty good though.




schools out in two weeks
im applying for calarts sfai and cca this month
ill post up some of my life drawings haha


i need a muse

so its been forever right!?

i havent been drawing lately, like at all. :( which is really bad.
now that ive graduates and im out of school, i thought i would have more time. but i work alot now and i just sleep all day. i guess im just lazy D:
im going to start carrying my sketchbook everywhere so that i can just draw whenever. looking at all my csssa classmates who are all going to art colleges, im sooo sad! im just going to evergreen JC and i have no idea after that. id love to go to calarts but right now, i dont have the money or the practice.
i made a flash animation for my class. its about a minute long, but now that i think of it my characters dont have alot of expressions and i dont exaggerate poses. i need to practice animating soooo bad D:

well work is fun. i love hanging out with coworkers all the time, some of them are weird though. and some are super annoying. im planning a beach trip next week, its gonna be awesomeeee. then the next day im leaving to vegassss. we're going to the grand canyon and then to watch cirque du soleil! wooooo best show everrr haha.

i want to make another bag. like the le sportsac ones but better. ill draw a bunch of animals on it too hahaha.

sooo what else is thereee.
i might go for a promotion again at work. i kind of gave up after seeing how stressed people get. but the other day i pretty much did a lead job while another lead took the credit. and my friend was like, why dont you just be lead?
so maybe they will promote me and regret not doing it sooner. if not i doubt ill be at amc much longer. i want to go away to college, somewhere down south i hope. ill work at a bookstore or an art store. that would be awesomeee!
so i should post some of my art that i did this school year. since i havent updated in foreverrrr.
this was a random character design i was playing with the first time i used flash haha

this one was done in my independent study class, i wanted to play with texture, but the whole picture didnt turn out well.

This was a painting done in acrylics for the same class. i got so sick of this by the time i was done.

this one is probably one of the best ive ever drawn. its me as a pirate, but i put so much work into the details and the cross hatching. you cant really see any of it unless you click on it.

this one was a portrait practice using photoshop so that i could teach the animation classes how i use photoshop and wacom tablets.

this one was fun cause i love cross hatching. done for drawing and painting class.

this last one was to practice concept art. i did a night and a day version.
annnnd thats about it. most of the stuff i did in class all school year. i need to make a portfolio.



tomorrow for animation we are going on a feild trip to SJSU to meet jeffrey katzenberg. my high school class gets to sit in the front row and ask questions with all the college students. exciting!
even though hes not an animator or anything its still cool that he started dreamworks with spielberg. i want to watch monster house again.

im gonna go play zelda :)


despair in the departure lounge

my first job interview is tomorrow. i actually already got the job, but i have to get interviewed anyway. :D

3 days until deathly hallows!


apples parachute the boys back down

i just got back from watching harry potter. midnight showing was pretty amazing. i got in line around 740 with aly. we sat and played DS with about 20 other people in line the whole time. Parents had work and it was too late for kids, so everyone there was around my age. we were all picto chatting and playing mario bros. and mario kart. i kicked butt in mario kart and i heard random people yelling "who the hell is jackehh!?" :) pretty fun.
i ended up sitting next to andre and Aly in the theater. we were doing weird hand snake tricks.
So the movie was awesome. they cut out alot like always, but most of my favorite parts were there. since i just read the book last week i could point out everything they changed. There were alot of funny parts, and the audience kept clapping. There were parts where everything was serious, but aly and i found something funny about it and started cracking up. it was fun :)
cant wait until the midnight party for Deathly Hallows.

Now since i have sound on my computer ive been listening to a lot of new music. i love meg and dia! two girls almost my age who started a band and are touring the US. Their songs are inspired by famous books like the great gadsby, catcher in the rye, and a lot of old british books. The singer Meg has a really unique voice. http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=ifgVwCfh6YI

well its already 4 and i should go to sleep.

ps. happy belated 1st anneversary of CSSSA 2006 aka best summer of our lives. :)


harry potter

i just finishes rereading harry potter the the order of the phoenix (my favorite one) because i wanted inspiration. it only took me two days! 850 pages woo. thats pretty fast for me, im a slow reader. hahaa but its a kids book.

here is the result :)