wow its been a loooooooong time :0

sketchcrawl was today and i didnt get to go again. i need to find something to do this next year. I have alot of plans but they require a car and stuff. ugh! i need to enter all the contests i can. i think thats only the cesar chavez contest and anti tobacco poster. Ill spend this year making a portfolio and maybe taking some classes at SJSU. i need to sign up for a figure drawing class SOMEWHERE. the only thing like that i get to do is 3 3 minute poses once every other week in animation. :( i guess i could do it on my own but physiology and english have me doing homework all the time. i cant wait until christmas break. OH and my parents said that we're going to hawaii in february! i hope it actually happens this time. we havent been on a vacation since i was 5.

so i finally discovered that ebay has so many pirate stuff. anchors old maps compasses model ships! oh mannn i wish i could buy it all :D
lets seee since i last updated, i joined the powderpuff team. I played starting center for the sophomore junior team. we lost in the last 4 minutes of the game. which means that with only 6 days of practice, we could have beaten the seniors who practiced for a month! i swear they sucked! maybe next year.

I have a goal that next semester i will get straight A's. i dont try hard enough. my grades right now are A, A, A, A, B, C, D. haha! only cause i dont do homework most of the time.
okay ill post a few drawings ive done since my last post :)
the first is a watercolor painting i did for drawing class. it got printed in the newspaper. the second i never finished because when i was about to finish coloring my computer shut off. and i was using the trial for opencanvas so i couldnt save. i got so mad haha.