RIP Steve Irwin.

Yesterday i went fishing with my parents on the pier at santa cruz. it was cool, we didnt catch very much. My dad caught an octopus and starfish (on accident) and i left to go drop the starfish into the water while i left my pole, and i guess i caught a big fish and a seal ate it and dragged my pole off the pier into the water. broke the line. hahah good thing it had a cork handle and it was floating. we had to fish it out of the water. the rest of the day we went to the new chilis that opened. i had the best dessert in the world. Molten chocolate volcano ohhh man :) then we watched invincible. prettty gooood.

Today i didnt do much. went to the park with my dog. played DS. steve irwin died and im so sad. i liked his show.
i thought he was invincible
i hope animal planet does a marathon of his shows :(